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Scottish Rite Passports

What is a Scottish Rite Passport

Passport Overview

As a Scottish Rite Mason in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, you have the opportunity to build on the foundation of your Symbolic Lodge degrees and delve deeper into the lessons of the Craft by continuing your Masonic journey and witnessing all 29 Scottish Rite, NMJ degrees. Through the philosophies of these degrees, we look to the past for the great and immutable truths of the ages as we venture on our quest to create better men and a better world.

When you first join the Scottish Rite, NMJ, you will receive a degree passport book to track your progress through our various degrees. This passport is not only a way to measure your degree history, but also serves as a keepsake of your Scottish Rite journey, with unique stamps to commemorate various degrees and the Valleys in which you saw them.

How It Works

Once your become a member of the Scottish Rite Valley of Providence, you will receive a passport.  When you witness a degree at any Scottish Rite, NMJ Valley, the Valley Secretary or his designee, will validate your passport in the appropriate block. They may also scan your membership card which will record the witness date and Valley on your account.

If you witness a degree online, whether through a Virtual Reunion or Thursday Night at the Rite event, you can update your degree history by logging onto and clicking “My Degree History”. The next time you visit your Valley stop by the Secretary’s desk for the stamp of that degree for your passport. This is obviously on your word as a Mason since there is no verification process.

If you have not set up an account at you can create one at any time. If you need additional assistance, members can visit the Valley of Providemce or call (401) 461-2480 during regular office hours.

The Gold Passport

Once you’ve seen all 29 NMJ degrees, you are eligible for a Gold Passport. To receive one, your Valley Secretary must validate your passport by completing the last page in your book. The validated passport is then sent to the Supreme Council, which recognizes your accomplishment by sending a certificate and Gold Passport to your Valley. Each Valley is different on how they congratulate members for receiving a Gold Passport. If you have any questions please reach out to your Valley Secretary by calling (401) 461-2480 during regular office hours.

Once you complete the Gold Passport, meaning you have seen all NMJ degrees at least twice, you are eligible to receive an additional recognition; a Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret pocket jewel. This jewel is a token of this great accomplishment and acknowledgement of the time and resources you have dedicated to the Scottish Rite, NMJ. As before, each Valley has different ways they present these awards, please contact your Valley Secretary with questions.