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Valley of Providence
Recognition Awards

Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service Award (MSA) may be conferred upon members of the Rite in this Jurisdiction who have attained the 32° and who by reason of meritorious service of a Masonic character are deemed worthy of such recognition.

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Hauts Grades Academy

At full completion, a graduate will earn the honor of becoming a Scottish Rite Hauts Grades Academic and will be entitled to include the letters HGA after his name. A certificate and HGA jewel will also be awarded upon completion. The overall goal of this program is an enriching educational experience. Sapere Aude!

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Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret Recognition

Upon successful completion of a Gold Passport, a Scottish Rite, NMJ member shall receive the Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret Recognition jewel as a token of this great accomplishment and acknowledgement of the time and resources dedicated to the Scottish Rite, NMJ.

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Benjamin Franklin Award of Distinction

Each year, Blue Lodges around the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction (NMJ) rededicate themselves to the ongoing work of Freemasonry. The Supreme Council Strategic Planning Committee has developed a distinguished recognition that Valleys can present to lodges that are celebrating significant milestones.

Known as the Benjamin Franklin Award of Distinction, it can be presented to any lodge in the NMJ to recognize 50 years of service and 25-year increments thereafter. The plaque has a raised design and features the image of Brother Benjamin Franklin, the double-headed eagle of the Scottish Rite, the square and compasses, and the following quote in brass lettering:

"Masonic labor is purely a labor of love. The wages of a Mason are earned and paid in their dealings with one another; sympathy that begets sympathy, kindness begets kindness, and these are the wages of a Mason." — Benjamin Franklin

Valley Secretaries can submit requests for this award at Please allow 6-8 weeks lead time for production and delivery.